You can’t beat George Murdock for what he brings to the job of Umatilla County commissioner. No matter your political orientation, he’s the demonstrated right candidate.

His track record for this region started long before he became county commissioner. I first met him when he was a popular administrator for the InterMountain Education Service District in Pendleton that tackles student and teacher issues in rural communities. It is the basis for his passionate support for strong schools.

His dedication to our region is long-standing. When he served as publisher of the East Oregonian from 2007-2009, he showered us with well-written profiles of our towns, even the remotest of them. Indeed, he still loves nothing so much as trekking throughout the countryside, talking with its inhabitants and gaining current understanding of their needs.

As county commissioner, he has prudently supported a stable level of services with available resources and a more streamlined administrative structure. A call to his office, as I have made, will demonstrate how he and his staff emphasize customer service.

He is truly to be commended for his efforts as commissioner to provide much-needed mental health services, more extensive transportation plans, more road deputies, increased veterans services and county-wide economic development projects.

George has personal cheerleading qualities that are keys to his success. When he chairs a service club meeting, as he does weekly as the current president of the Pendleton Rotary Club, you get caught up in his rhetoric, his humor and his absolutely contagious enthusiasm for getting good projects done.

Do vote for George Murdock!

Harriet Isom


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