I am writing to endorse my friend, George Murdock, for re-election to the Umatilla County Commission.

Those that know George know that he has years of valuable experience in management of people and public resources. As an educator, administrator and newspaper publisher, he gained the skills and abilities necessary to handle the county’s affairs as a commissioner. George has the experience, and it is serving us well.

And there’s another side of George that you should know about.

George and I have clearly different political stripes. I identify as a progressive, left-leaning Democrat, and George makes no secret about his personal politics as a Republican. I voted for Hillary, and he voted for our current president. So as part of my recovery from the shock of the 2016 election, I asked George if he would sit down with me to have an honest, respectful dialogue about our respective politics. This was my attempt to better understand the other side, and it turned out to be an incredibly worthwhile exercise for both of us. I recommend it to any patriotic citizen sincerely interested in the future of our country and in bringing people together.

I have found George to be a thoughtful and moral man, with a complex set of values that don’t fit neatly into any D vs. R box — clearly important attributes for someone holding a non-partisan office. He is considerate and reflective, and his questions of me showed a real desire to understand the “other side.” He knows how to seek the common ground, cares about people, and is appreciates the importance of the trust that citizens of this county have put in our county commissioners.

Seeking common ground is the most important thing we can ask of our elected officials. George Murdock knows how to do that, and I encourage us to re-elect him.

William (Bill) Aney


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