I am voting for Rick Pullen for county commissioner because I remember him performing with the band “Absolutely Nobody” as a student at BMCC. At the same time, my daughter Jaci, was in high school and performed with the “Pick N Bow” company. I know that music is good for the brain, it teaches performers to honor their commitments, to be comfortable and natural in dealing with the public, to be a leader, to cooperate with other members of the band, to negotiate within the band to come to a compromise and to come up with innovative solutions to problems. These are the skills needed to be a great county commissioner. Rick Pullen has them.

Rick will bring a different prospective to the board, from having worked in the county trenches for 14 years. Nobody knows the problems of the county government better than a long-term employee. In addition, Rick would also know what is working well in the county. He would be miles ahead of any new commissioner because he has already developed a good working relationship with county employees. I would always prefer to go to somebody I know to discuss problems or concerns with my employment.

He would not need the training that a new commissioner would usually need, and he will be up and running as soon as he is sworn in.

I like the fact that Rick is younger than any of the county commissioners that I have been aware of. He has shown that he is knowledgeable about computer technology and he brought the county tax office into the 21st century. Older citizens, me included, tend to be intimidated with the lightning rapid speed with which computers now run our world. Rick has valuable computer skills.

Rick Pullen grew up in Umatilla County and he wants to raise his children here. As a veteran, I know the value that honorable military service is to our country and more specially to our county. Rich felt the pull to join the military, and he brings back home valuable knowledge of the medical field.

Rick is aware of many of the problems faced by the county and has come up with inventive solutions to those problems. Let’s take a pen and sweep out the old commissioner, and let’s just see what a younger person can do.

Rose Murphey


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