As an American Constitutional Conservative, at election time, I receive requests on “how” and “why” to vote for certain candidates and measures. I have looked at this year’s General Election, and consequently made the following conclusions:

Governor: Knute Buehler, a moderate, will be much better for Oregon than the current governor. We can’t continue to afford her leadership style and expensive decisions.

Congressional District 2, U.S. House of Representatives: Greg Walden. Rep. Walden is a solid Republican. At this time in history, our America cannot survive under Democratic rule. An example, of what the Democratic Party brings us is the imported Rep. Walden’s opponent.

Oregon State House District 58 Representative: Greg Barreto. Rep. Barreto continues represent us with integrity while growing in his legislative leadership skills.

Umatilla County Commissioner, Position 1: George Murdock. I think this decision should be explained in some detail. At first, I heard negative things about both candidates. So I dug a little deeper. I found that Mr. Murdock has taken action to reduce county government staff and costs. He makes no mention of seeking federal dollars to meet county budget expenses. That is a big plus for a conservative. However, Mr. Pullen has said he wants to get vacated positions re-filled (re-grow government). He has also said that he would have federal and state funds maintain our county roads. Constitutionally, the county roads are not for interstate commerce.

County Measure 30-128, “Umatilla County Second Amendment Preservation Ordinance. I believe that all federal laws and activities are subject to be measured against the Constitution, and that the county sheriff is the top law enforcement officer in the county (over federal and state). Please Vote “Yes.”

State Ballot Measures: The short conservative answer to the five measures is vote “No” on Measure 102, and vote “Yes” on measures 103, 104, 105 and 106. 102 This is an inappropriate expenditure of tax dollars and authority, and is prone to lead to corruption through “favoritism,” “Good Ol’ Boy” influence.

103 How many times do Oregonians have to say that sales tax in Oregon is unconstitutional?

104 They just can’t increase the tax that was approved for a certain level. The same holds true for new fees, etc.

105. Although Oregon’s present law addressed a legitimate need for dealing with “profiling,” it currently is being abused. This addresses our current “Sanctuary State” law and rules. To continue is a safety issue for Oregon Citizens.

106 Abortion is an issue to which the national and state population is divided. It is dividing us over moral standards. It is dividing us over legal standards. This is just a couple of areas it touches in our society.

Larry Nye


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