As a daughter of immigrants and family member of some undocumented ones, I want you all to know that if Measure 105 passes, it will directly affect them in negative ways. This measure is not the Oregon way of inclusion and this will only separate families.

My aunts and uncles are farmworkers who harvest some of the food we all eat, from potatoes and apples to even onions, just to name a few. They wake up every day in the early morning and drive to work just like everyone else, but if Measure 105 passes, this will become a problem for them. Many farmworkers are undocumented and will be too scared to even drive to work because they will be racially profiled and possibly deported. People should not live in fear that they might get separated from their families just by driving to work, school, church, or grocery shopping.

Not only will people live in fear just for driving, but many undocumented women who experience domestic abuse will also be too fearful to report it. Almost one third of Oregon women reported experiencing some kind of domestic violence, stalking, sexual assault or physical assault, according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV). This statistic only includes reported cases; many are never reported and this number will only increase if Measure 105 passes.

Immigrant families, just like the many families that have built entire communities in this country before us, are joining in on a long American tradition of immigrating here for a better life and for the freedom and opportunity this country offers. Measure 105 will only tear families and communities apart. No one should have to live in terror when carrying on their daily lives. Everyone has a right to a more prosperous and happy life. For the sake of a better society, please vote NO on Measure 105.

Jazmin Avalos


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