I was absolutely amazed with the turnout of peaceful protesters in the United States and around the world on January 21. Regardless of your political views, the magnitude and the intensity of this movement had to catch your eye.

People in the United States and around the world are very concerned about foreign policies and relations, health care, women’s rights, immigration, global warming, and extreme policies of any kind. I doubt if Mr. Trump will be moved by any of this, but congressmen are. I bet some are thinking “Damn, do I want thousands of angry women on my doorsteps?” Pushback on these folks can work.

We can start by emailing our representative Greg Walden and demand to hear his intentions on issues like Social Security, women’s health, Medicare, immigration and health care. When you visit his web site you see a statement saying “working for health care for Oregonians.” This rings a bit hollow when in fact he voted to immediately throw out ACA before any other health plan was in place.

Mr. Walden’s vote is much more important now that Mr. Trump is in office. We need to give him a chance to show he can represent all Oregonians, but if he can’t come up with some clear explanations on his plans then we need to push a little harder. Hopefully he can rise to the occasion and become a true statesman for all of us.

This movement is not going to go away anytime soon, so thank you ladies — you started an amazing thing!

David Lange


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