I attended the forum Oct. 10 and listened to all the candidates who spoke for why they were running for office. Right off, I will vote for Pullen over George Murdock. Pullen has more experience, more vision for our county and the personality that will help pull people together.

Now, it was sad to see someone who wants to serve the public, who already sits on many very important seats in Hermiston, to open his campaign coming out like a raging bull! I’m not alone in being caught off guard. Mark Gomolski came out accusing Davis of being weak and a follower of other council members, not autonomous. He attacked her integrity, her experience, while voicing the many achievements he has built in his long career in politics.

In the missing voters pamphlet insert for Umatilla County Gomolski states his experience clearly. Well, at least his position as vice-chair of the Hispanic Advisory Committee. And, I thank him for his volunteer work in our community. A big difference from the life he led growing up and serving the community of Chicago and outlying areas.

But what are your references you speak of? With who and where and when did you receive all this experience? Experience is earned in many ways. Being a homemaker for years builds a lot of worth in experience that I have used on resumes. I might not remember all the places I have also worked, but I know most of them. If I put in for any position where I state about my experience, I will proudly display it on the form I fill out.

Vote for Davis! She has nothing to hide.

Bernie Sanderson


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