This week we received a survey in the mail from an organization that calls itself Judicial Watch. I suppose most other people in the community also received this. It does not take but a glance that the senders of this “survey” do not want to know what we think, but to influence us to think we are being endangered by migrants.

The first question on the survey is a dead giveaway for the purpose of this mailing. “Do you believe that non-U.S. citizens should be allowed to vote in American elections?” Of course, we do not believe such a thing! Only American citizens vote in our elections. If you doubt that statement, you might look in the Constitution for anything that grants non-citizens the right to vote. It is not there.

Furthermore, no one has ever shown proof that there is any problem with alien voting. Voting fraud of any kind is rare in this country, except for political attempts to keep other citizens from voting. That is definitely contrary to the Constitution.

All of the questions in this “survey” are crafted to lead one to believe there is a huge problem caused by “illegal aliens.” None of their statements are true. But the part of this communication that really angers me is the last page where the Judicial Watch is asking for donations. They are saying that your contributions to their organization are tax deductible. This organization is definitely trying to influence the politics of this country, and I know that they are not eligible to accept tax- deductible contributions.

Be careful. Not all of the charlatans are on the internet.

Evelyn Swart


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