The East Oregonian’s endorsement of Mr. Walden contradicts many of the facts they presented in their own column. They acknowledge the monumental effort Jamie McLeod-Skinner has made to speak with District 2 residents — yet Mr. Walden is more “in-tuned” with his district? They acknowledge Mr. Walden’s efforts to undo the ACA (Affordable Care Act), yet minimize the horrendous effects his success would have had on its residents.

Mr. Walden is revered because he chairs the House Committee on Energy and Commerce. Yet who does he represent while in that position? Almost 80 percent of his campaign donations come from out-of-district sources, including significant amounts from the health care, insurance, telecom, and fossil fuel industries. Thus, Walden accepts donations from the very people and companies he and his committee are supposed to oversee and regulate. Money buys a representative’s ear — who has the loudest voice for Mr. Walden?

Jamie is a bridge builder, not a wall-builder. Her roots run deep in Eastern Oregon and she cares deeply about its residents: their right to affordable health care, their need for a voice in how our forests are managed, their veterans’ need for easily accessible resources, the rights of gun owners balanced with the need for safety for our children and schools, the need for affordable higher education.

Shame on you, East Oregonian, for not factoring in Mr. Walden’s questionable loyalties in light of his donor record; for minimizing the harm he sought to inflict by taking away affordable health care for our low-income citizens and those with pre-existing conditions; and for falling for the trap of believing time in office equates to suitability. Your endorsement minimizes Jamie’s commitment, integrity, creative thinking, and openness to fresh ideas garnered from months speaking to the citizens of District 2. Vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner!

Lezlee Flagg


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