I want to commend your editorial on Dec. 8. To throw a blanket over all Muslims and blame them for the acts of a tiny portion of the Islamic community is repeating the mindset of this country when it’s at its worst. This country is great because of its diversity and the fact that Donald Trump can say the horrible things he does and yet remain on the public stage is a testament to how strong we are.

Trump’s campaign slogan is “Make America Great Again.” In my opinion, America has never been greater. The fact that God does not send lightning bolts our way for merely allowing a jackass like Donald Trump to participate in the national dialogue shows how great we are.

We only need to remember how we treated Americans of Japanese ancestry after Pearl Harbor to see the folly of Mr. Trump’s “ideas.” We are still doing mea culpas over that “brilliant” strategy 74 years later.

Patrick J. Delaney


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