For the past year or so many questions have arisen regarding our national politics and government that have me overwhelmed. There may be many more U.S. citizens that feel like I do. Most of the questions have gone unanswered. I’m asking some of those questions again.

Why is our government seeking information from Russia regarding whether it interfered with the U.S. presidential elections? The one person that has the answer is an American citizen and now the president. He knows what happened. He is the one that should be answering the questions. If nothing untoward was done he would certainly be the one with the information.

Next question: Why did he need to seek input from an adversary of the U.S.A. and all the free world regarding how to win an election? Recently it was reported he gave that reason for his meeting with Putin. Putin is not known for allowing his Russian citizens much freedom and their elections have been in question. Therefore, why would an American citizen seeking the office of president think it appropriate to gather information from the source if the candidate desired democratic, honest, appropriate advice? I want the leaders of my country to stick to our ideology, our standards, our democratic values.

Also, surely our government and the investigating committee aren’t expecting Putin to give any pertinent information to shed light on whether there was involvement with our presidential elections. The investigation needs to be pursued until there is an answer. Until our nation has a credible answer one way or the other I don’t see how we can proceed.

If no fraud was done we have a president. If fraud did occur, do we still have that person as our president? The president reportedly recently stated that we will never probably know. Now how is that possible? Those involved do know if it did or did not occur. They can provide the information to clear up the matter. Why do they choose to withhold that information? If there was no wrongdoing I’d expect then to go out of their way to prove innocence.

In my 80-plus years I’ve never been so troubled by our presidential elections. I truly hope my fears are unfounded as I have complete respect for my country, my government and the presidential office. I do not want to have my country abused or disrespected by anyone. That applies to the citizens, the private sector, or those elected to serve and preserve our democratic nation.

Darlene Abney


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