Measure 101 is much worse than a sales tax to fund Medicaid. It is much worse than an inequitable, unsustainable and patently unfair tax on the backs of some Oregonians but not all, including those struggling to pay for their own health care premiums.

Measure 101 taxes are not constitutionally protected to fund only health care in Oregon. That means those that vote in favor of Measure 101 are trusting the same politicians that gave us Cover Oregon that according to the U. S. House Oversight Committee “squandered $305 million federal taxpayer dollars.”

That means we must trust Gov. Kate Brown instead of ourselves with our health care dollars. According to the May 17 Oregonian, Gov. Brown dispensed millions of dollars in Medicaid to 55,000 Oregonians “who were later deemed ineligible,” at a cost of over $280 million. The funds were never recovered.

The government always wants more money to cover its excessive appetite and — in the case of Obamacare, Cover Oregon, and Medicaid — its incompetence; its fraudulent waste of taxpayer funds.

That is why the Democrats have labeled Measure 101 an assessment, because they lack the integrity to tell their constituency they will tax more of your hard-earned money in an effort to cover up their waste and infidelity.

Stuart Dick


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