While reading the EO, I was disappointed when I discovered that the editorial board had decided to endorse Greg Walden over Jamie McLeod-Skinner for the Congressional District 2 position. The reasons that the editorial board put forth to support their choice ranged from Walden’s seniority in the Congress to his connections with local officials related to issues that might benefit the residents of the district. While it is admirable that Walden has risen to the chair position on the Congressional Energy and Commerce Committee, one must ask, how has his position on this committee benefited the residence of his district? The district has not been the recipient of any meaningful federal projects related to either energy or commerce that might bring family wage jobs to the district. In the mean-time, the district suffers from a lack of family wage jobs, resulting in fifty percent of its residence living at or below the poverty line.

Walden’s commitment when he took his oath of office was not to a minority of officials and wealthy donors, but to the people who live in the district. How can a representative have any knowledge of the trials and tribulations of his constituency if he does not communicate with his constituents? In their endorsement of Walden, the EO editorial board does not seem to place much importance on a representative’s responsibility to hold regular town halls and communicate in a meaningful manner with the residence of his district.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner may not have Walden’s experience in Congress, but she has taken it upon herself to connect with as many individuals in CD 2 as she can. She has traveled thousands of miles from one end of this vast district to another to listen to people and understand their concerns. Jamie, thank goodness, is not one of the Washington elite like Walden, who have a record of doing little or nothing for the American people. Two more years of Greg Walden in office equals two more years wherein Oregon CD 2 will be under-represented in Congress. The EO editorial board should be endorsing the candidate who has the desire and energy to go to Washington D.C. and fight every day for the benefit of the people of CD 2; the EO editorial board should be endorsing Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

Sue Petersen


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