Mr. Walden is considered the tip of the spear in the war to eliminate internet neutrality. What does that even mean? Net neutrality is all about who is in control when you use the internet to stream content and search for information.

The previous administration was determined to keep the internet a public utility. This policy was adopted because it is the only way all the American people can have access to all the internet is. Giving everyone equal access means we all have equal economic opportunity on the net.

It will take some imagination to grasp all this, so let’s imagine the internet as a multi-lane freeway with your device as the exit. The best lanes to deliver are the right lanes closet to the exits. The public utility policy adapted by the Obama Administration gave us all the same access.

As you can imagine, every powerful and wealthy party on Earth would love to have control of all those lanes by the exits. They would keep all the right lanes full of their trucks, trailers and buses of positive information in a convoy of their favorite opinions, blocking everything they don’t like from getting to our exits.

Staying with our freeway analogy, we should also be aware of the fast lanes and the heavy load lanes. There is a great deal of competition for bandwidth, that is how much information your internet connection can stream to your devices. Most of us understand this aspect of the internet when we stream movies, news and videos. Bandwidth is important if you have an online gamer in the family. There are several huge economic battles on this front and these fights have brought huge campaign contributions to Greg Walden, from Disney, Comcast, Sony and many other media giants that want to squeeze out Netflix, Hulu and some of the other lesser-known companies that stream content for far less than the cable companies.

Every corporation would love to be the only option we have to purchase goods on the internet. Internet neutrality is essentially a free market system for all the lanes of the internet interstate, the fast lanes and the lanes near the exits, where the goods can be delivered. Taking net neutrality is selling the entire freeway/marketplace to the highest bidder, the rest of us be damned!

Yes, there are great fiscal rewards with eliminating net neutrality! Yes, Greg Walden loves to talk about them, but those rewards are being sold to the wealthiest among us, rather than shared by all. This is a much larger and more consequential issue than Greg Walden will ever admit in a town hall or any public forum. But it is of huge financial benefit/concern to those who can pay tens of thousands of dollars for a chicken dinner with Greg!

Benford Cameron


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