Road levy makes economic sense

Rich in the history of the Lewis and Clark expedition, the small town of Irrigon has the Columbia River with the picturesque Irrigon Marina as its backyard. The town also is adjacent to the National Wildlife Refuge teaming with all manner of wildlife from antelope to migratory birds. Along with a nearby fish hatchery, Irrigon also has become known for its Walleye Classic fishing tournament and the Irrigon Watermelon festival. Among other amenities the approximately 1,700 residents can boast about is a new high school and a medical clinic that is part of a countywide system.

Perhaps residents there also should host a "pity party." According to a statement by the Irrigon Mayor in the East Oregonian, "Nobody ever thinks about poor Irrigon. We have to fend for ourselves." This was in relation to a story on a proposed countywide road levy that also would benefit all Morrow County towns. Taxpayer dollars also support other countywide services including the sheriff's department. Statistics show that a large part of that budget goes toward north Morrow County services.

Many south-end residents travel long distances for work in north-end jobs as well as commercial travel throughout the county. The support of a countywide road levy makes economic sense.

Merlyn Robinson


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