The Head Start "Free to Grow," City of Pendleton Revitalization Project Picnic Barbecue on April 9 was coordinated and hosted by the Eastern Oregon Alcoholism Foundation.

Staff contacted community organizations and businesses who gave freely of food products, equipment and supplies for the picnic enjoyed by volunteers and neighborhood residents.

Hundreds were served from 11:45 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Sue Quinn, regional SYSCO representative, and SYSCO Food Service donated hamburger patties and hot dogs. Other donors are St. Mary's Outreach, hamburger and hot dog buns; Peace Lutheran Church Food Pantry and CAPECO, potato chips; CAPECO, condiments, pickles, ice cream, bowls and bottled water; Pendleton Bottling, Pepsi; Swire Coca-Cola of Pendleton, Coca-Cola; Webb's Cold Storage, ice; Pendleton Grain Growers, watering troughs to ice down the beverages, including the water.

EOAF staff and clients helped set up tables and chairs provided by Peace Lutheran Church. And EOAF provided macaroni and potato salad, lettuce, cheese and sliced onions; Albertsons provided hamburger and hot dog buns; and Wal-Mart gave paper products - plates, napkins, garbage sacks and tableware.

"Free Spirit Design's" Jason Hogge created the handsome signs posted at the picnic that announced the event and listed the contributors.

The Carnes family - Yvonne, Tony, Tucker - and Steffi Buchwald teamed together with Angie Gallino to operate the grills, organize the service area and serve hamburger and hotdogs.

The barbecue was truly a community project that well-received.

Executive Director Bob Wright

Eastern Oregon Alcoholism Foundation

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