So far, the war in Iraq has cost U.S. taxpayers more than $150 billion. It cost $14 billion between last September and last November alone.

Not only do we not know how much more American taxpayers will have to pay, but the Bush Administration won't even give us an estimate until after the election - the costs of military operations in Iraq are not included in the 2005 budget.

This isn't surprising, as President Bush has misled us from the beginning as to why it was so important that we launch a pre-emptive war, hiding the ambiguity of the intelligence from Congress and the American people. Now we know that Iraq was not an imminent threat to us, and that we could have used more time to work toward a peaceful solution, or at least to build more international support, which would have lowered the price we're now paying, in both dollars and American lives.

President Bush must be held accountable for his actions. I hope our senators, Ron Wyden and Gordon Smith, will censure him for misleading the American people.

Todd Rainwater


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