Does our current national and domestic predicament (war on terrorism, social and economic upheaval, etc.) point to the end of this nation as we know it, or are we finally holding the line and affirming to the world and to ourselves that we know who we are as a people and are willing to go it alone if necessary to continue to live the life that the U.S. Constitution meant for us to live?

Are we a hollow people with so little conviction or sense of self individually and as a nation that we have no inner gyroscope to stabilize us when evil forces interfere with our struggle to run the good race? Is this country just a conglomerate of individual mirrors, reflecting what some in this country and the world expect of us? Do we hold the line that was drawn in 1776 or has that line moved so far that we have lost sight of its original intent?

Are we going to fulfill our constitutional responsibilities as individuals and as a nation, or are we going to abdicate because we no longer hold to those values and principles that made this country what it is today?

An empty core leaves a vacuum that by nature will be filled by something or someone in short order. Our nation places great emphasis on being accepted; on being all things to all people, and on doing the right thing, even at our own expense, but enough is enough. We must not lose ourselves to the world. What will be left?

If you are reading this and have no idea what I am talking about, it's time that you put down the anti-war sign and picked up something meaningful so you can find out what is really going on. It's time to be loyal to those that paid the price in blood for your freedom. Do the right thing and support your president in his time of need.

Glen Snively

Pilot Rock

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