On Hillary Clinton becoming president of the United States, let us remember how former president Bill Clinton willfully tried to increase fees for federal grazing permits.

In an effort to discourage and phase out grazing on federal lands, when said plan backfired, President Clinton in open retaliation, ordered then interior secretary Bruce Babbitt to "fire the cattle guards on federal grazing lands and leave the livestock unprotected."

If that weren't enough, another federal officer recommended that instead of firing them, the "cattle guards" be retrained for other jobs.

I'm not making this up.

The Clintons and followers honestly thought "cattle guards" were people, federal employees.

This is a reflection of the Clintons' mentality and knowledge, or lack of. And, certainly, a display of tyrannical retaliation on the part of the Clintons when they could not have their way with any class of Americans they deem unfit.

Above all, actions and results speak louder than words and the Clinton legacy speaks for itself.

For benefit of the collective, "cattle guards" are metallic barriers placed in roads where fence lines cross, allowing cars and other vehicles to cross, holding cattle at bay.

Ron R. Fischer


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