I have read with some amusement the article telling of Miss Esmerelda Leon's displeasure at losing the valuable contributions the student athletes of Irrigon have made to the athletic programs of Riverside High School, in Boardman. Miss Leon has missed the mark completely. Irrigon students and student athletes have been forced to attend Riverside for many years, decades, while suffering inconveniences such as being stranded at the high school after participating in sports.

Student athletes contribute in many ways to a healthy and beneficial community spirit. The citizens of Irrigon have long sought to have our high school returned to us. That community spirit has been sorely missed.

While it appears both high schools will now participate in athletics at the 2A level, I predict that the superiority of the Irrigon student athletes will be recognized and will be promoted to 3A after a program of organized athletics comes of age. Developing a successful athletic program will be the responsibility of the athletic program staff. The talents of Irrigon student athletes have been clearly demonstrated to Riverside's credit for years.

We look forward to a healthy and spirited competition between Irrigon High School and Riverside High School. Not exclusively in athletics, but academically as well. It has been a long time coming, Miss Leon.

Robert Flournoy


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