Self-service at gas stations is rearing its ugly head again, in spite of the fact that a majority of Oregonians have indicated in the past that they don't want it. Self-service does not guarantee lower gas prices.

We have traveled around the United States and found that in many states gas prices were as high as in Oregon, or higher, depending on the location.

The fact that many workers would lose their jobs was dismissed by the East Oregonian as unimportant. I guess that depends on whether you are the one losing your job.

It would be difficult, if not impossible, for many elderly and handicapped, to pump their own gas. And it would be a hardship, especially for the elderly, such as my husband, to be outside pumping their gas in cold, snowy, or rainy weather.

Full service is not always available, and when it is, it can cost as much as 30 cents per gallon more. I would strongly resent having to pay more for a service that I now receive at no extra cost. Self-service is just a way of making the driver do the job of an attendant for nothing. It is an inconvenience that benefits no one but the gas dealer.


Pilot Rock

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