Barbara Ceniga is, rightly or wrongly, the center of the maelstrom occurring in Helix, causing rifts that are polarizing the community.

She must show some grace (acknowledge her departure would be the best course for the community), retract the retraction of her resignation, leave quietly and let the community attempt to heal its wounds before the situation grows even worse.

The members of the community who are involved in this controversy need to sit down, take a few deep breaths, look at their images in a mirror, and ask some questions such as "is this an ego trip I am on?," "Is it blood I am after?," "Is what I am doing in the best interests of our school system and this community?," and "What is the fallout of my actions?" among other questions that might be relevant.

Something to consider: How will the situation that exists appear?a year from now to members of the community and to the outside world??

I have lived here 59 years and represent the fourth generation of my family who has lived in the community. I have never seen or heard of Helix's dirty laundry aired outside?of?the community until now. Fie.

Bill Timmermann


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