In view of your past news coverage, I was thoroughly sickened but not surprised that almost before the blood had quit flowing, the East Oregonian jumped in to cover reaction from the “All conservatives and believers in the U.S. Constitution are potential assassins, bring a rope!” crowd. 

I was reading your coverage of Sheriff Dupnik’s lynch-mob rant against Palin, Limbaugh, Republicans, conservatives and everyone who didn’t share his political ideology while Fox News’ Megan Kelly forced him to admit he had no clues and no evidence, other than it was “his opinion”!  Yesterday a congressman stated on a radio program that the reading of the U.S. Constitution the other day was “uncalled for,” intimating somehow that could be to blame! Just who is mining this American tragedy for ideological gain, anyway?

Based on his three-day ratcheting up of unconfirmed rhetoric rant I have formed an opinion of Sheriff Dupnik. Any law enforcement official who, without clue or supportive evidence, begins speculating and fomenting a lynch mob mentality using “his opinion” as proof, is likely a greater threat to the security of the general public than the unbalanced young man who did the shooting. What was Dupnik doing past years when Mr. Loughner was known to be stalking Giffords and spreading fear of violent death among classmates, professors and acquaintances? How much assistance is this wild rhetoric now giving to Loughner’s attorney, the former Unabomber defense counsel?

Fortunately, the majority of American people don’t buy this spin. Today’s CBS News poll says that 57 percent of those surveyed reject a connection between the strident tone of recent political debate and the Arizona shooting.

Among many definitions of democracy, I especially remember one today. “Majority rules, so a lynch mob is true democracy in action. Only one dissenter and he’ll soon be silenced.” 

Ray Grace


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