The Pioneer Humane Society does a very good service for our owners and us pets.

The first weekend of April the Pioneer Humane Society put on the spay and neuter clinic that ended up saving my life. Mom said I was too old to have babies so Saturday morning we went to the clinic where the volunteers were great to mom and me.

The doctor that was working with me found that I was full of a life-threatening infection. When mom came for me she held me so the volunteers could take care of the other pets, and this was when mom was told about me.

The lady from the humane clinic helped mom by calling Pendleton Veterinary Clinic for her and talking to Dr. Bowman and explaining the situation to him.

They set a time of 8:30 a.m. Sunday for me to meet my new friend, the man who will be taking care of me and be saving my life. Mom took me in to my new friends office on Sunday and the doctor told mom that he would call her after the surgery was complete.

The doctor called mom while I was in recovery and told her I came out fine and she could come get me on Monday morning. Well it was about 6 p.m. Sunday night when I started feeling good again and the doctor ended up calling mom and telling her I was barking and rattling my cage. Needless to say I was going home right after that.

I'm telling you all this because, I didn't know I was sick. Friday I was out chasing squirrels around the yard having a good ol' time and taking naps with the cats next door thinking life couldn't get any better than this.

If the Pioneer Humane Society's clinic hadn't spotted the infection and dealt with it so efficiently, Mom said I could have died. I just want to thank the Pioneer Humane Society for what they do for us pets and our owners.

See you in the park. I'm the white poodle that likes everyone.

(Sammie) Lois O'Donnell


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