I write this not as a person affiliated with any business but as person concerned about the health care services in my surrounding area. I grew up around the Eugene/Roseburg area and then moved to the Corvallis area to continue my education. While continuing my education, I worked in the health care setting with primarily the geriatric population. In that area, services for the elderly population would come to the seniors.

For example, X-ray units were mobile and would X-ray the resident in the nursing/care facilities so the residents weren't at further risk of fracturing a bone if they had already fallen. There were also mobile denturists who would come to the buildings for the residents. This was such a nice service for those individuals who were homebound in the facilities due to advanced medical conditions. Unfortunately, our surrounding area does not provide these services to our elderly population.

I feel that the Pendleton/Hermiston/La Grande/Milton-Freewater- /Athena-Weston/Pilot Rock seniors would benefit if these services were available. These services would prevent some residents further psycho- logical distress if they were able to stay in their own environment and it could prevent further damage to an individual if they have a fracture from decreasing the amount of movement.

In college, I had a great professor who encouraged his students to be active in their community and globally. With his teachings in mind, I urge the citizen of Pendleton and surrounding areas to be active also and write letters to the editor also if they feel the need for mobile services in the area.

Jennifer McMullin


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