On Nov. 26, in Days Gone By (25 years ago today), we ran a story about Courtney Stanhope's battle with a rare form of leukemia. The article, in part stated, "For two Umatilla County families, Thanksgiving 1983 was one they'll never forget. The Jerry Haines of Hermiston and the Ken Stanhopes of Pendleton celebrated the release from the hospital of their granddaughter, Courtney Stanhope.

"Four-year-old Courtney, a victim of Birketts lymphoma, has been undergoing treatment in a Seattle hospital for the past 100 days. 'I feel just like my same old new self,' young Courtney Stanhope said Wednesday as the doctors pulled the tubes that had fed her intravenously and served as a pathway for the many medicines that went into her body ..."

Last week, we heard from Courtney's parents, Micki (Haines) Stanhope and her husband Dan. This was their update. "We were sent the article that was placed in the '25 Years Ago' segment regarding our daughter, Courtney.

"We wanted to thank you for thinking of us and to update you on Courtney. She is now 28 years old and obtained her bachelor of science in social work. Courtney is the manager of the Ronald McDonald family rooms at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital in Spokane, Wash.

"Courtney feels, at the end of each day, she has helped a family of a sick child the way our family was helped by the friends of Pendleton. She has had some episodes of basal cell skin cancer due to the radiation she received prior to transplant. They have successfully been removed. Other than that, she is healthy and happy.

"Our other daughter is also working in the medical field. We will never forget the kindness and prayers the community of Pendleton gave our entire families during this time. The prayers were absolutely felt. Pendleton remains dear to us. Again, thank you for your kindness."

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