As a subscriber and advertiser, I want you to know that I find the political cartoons to be wasted space.

I particularly take great offense to the carton on the March 22, 2005, opinion page showing terrorists buying weapons from NRA gun shops.

Let me point out the National Rifle Association does not sell guns; it protects our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bare arms, which is the original homeland security plan.

The NRA teaches gun and hunter safety and sponsors the Eddie Eagle program, which teaches children what to do if they see a gun. Children are taught to stop, don't touch, leave the area and tell an adult. But this is only a portion of the cartoon, which is offensive.

The rest of it was nasty as well.

My suggestion to you would be stop wasting your money buying political cartoons. They have no value. Why not use the space to print local opinions or local cartoonists? I'm sure we have talent right here in our own communities that would be of much more relevance then this syndicated garbage.

Pamela Johnston Duso


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