Every American should have taken time out of their day today to pay tribute to our country's finest who fell in the line of duty. These men and women rest in graves across the world, some marked and some not, and their sacrifices must never be forgotten.

It's easy in times of peace and prosperity to push aside thoughts of hellish battles where thousands of American soldiers lost their lives. But as recently as last year we were reminded that young men and women still are in harm's way, fighting for our country.

Movies in the last few years have served, in many cases, to remind today's generation of the sacrifices and bravery their fellow Americans conjured to fight our battles. Perhaps it's too bad it takes movies to spark such recognition, but the important thing is that Americans from Lexington to Afghanistan's high mountain tops have paid the ultimate price.

Ceremonies held across the country today were not held for the benefit of veterans wanting to relive their youth. Instead, they are held to make sure we all - at every age - remember the soldiers who died to protect our freedom.

It's because of their actions that our country stands as the beacon of hope for much of the world. Despite criticism from some, there's never been a country based on greater principles on this planet. That's why the people we remember today put their lives on the line. And that's why we honor them for what they did for their country.

Today's a day of great reverence and it's our hope that all Americans treat it as such.

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