My letter is directed to the young lady of 16 years from the Lighthouse Christian Academy who says that homosexuality is a sin and God clearly doesn't like it. Non-Christians and homosexuals do not need me to defend them. Instead, I defend me, my beliefs as a citizen of the United States and my right to hold these beliefs.

The first arrivals in the New World were escaping a national religion. I stand on that ground. By Miss Wyatt's reasoning, we must decry homosexuality and turn homosexuals into heterosexuals. Despite my many years among both, neither has ever attempted to make me the other.

Do you believe that your Christianity is invalidated if the majority of the world adheres to some other belief? Would you refuse me emergency room care, cheaper tires or legal advice because of the beliefs that I hold dear? Do you believe that your heterosexuality is invalidated if your broken leg is set by a gay doctor or a homosexual sells you cheap tires or a advises you in a property dispute with your neighbor? If only one type of citizen in one type of world is your fervent wish, you missed your chance in Afghanistan. The Taliban accepted without question what their mommies and daddies and preachers told them and were willing to destroy lives to impose it.

S.J. Hinson


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