Pull your heads out of the sand. Dig the sand out of your eyes. Dig the sand out of your ears. Where have you been the last four years? Especially you ladies (the polls)? We have had a miracle! Bush has turned the Clinton Depression around!

Franklin Roosevelt did everything he and fellow Americans (Democrats worked with Republicans then) could think of to end the Great Depression such as alphabet soup - CCC, WPA, NRA, etc. All failed. The Depression did not end until World War II.

When Bush took office, jobs were disappearing like water falling off Niagara Falls. Our economy was on a roll - down. Then came the bankruptcies such as Enron where people lost their savings. Talk about destroying people's confidence. And on top of that - 9/11.

But with such things as tax cuts, government spending, etc, Bush turned the beginning depression around and jump-started the economy. Now if he can just keep it growing.

Democrats are not only weak on the economy but they are extremely weak on the nation's defense - our safety. The USS Cole would not have been bombed had Dole or Bush been president! They would have refueled the Cole at sea. No 9/11 either. There were plenty of bombings to warn us starting with the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center (plus about three embassies were bombed. Clinton threatened but did nothing!)

Bush would not have needed further bombings to be hot on the bombers' trail. An adequately funded CIA would have known where to start. The terrorists would never have got their act together for 9/11.

Charles McCarver


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