Remember the little red hen? For those who don't, it seems this little red hen found some wheat seed. She invited the dog, cat and pig to help she and her chicks plant, grow, harvest and thresh the wheat and then bake it into bread. The dog, cat and pig refused to help. At each step she again invited their help. Each time they refused.

The story goes that she and her chicks baked the bread and ate it themselves.

The more likely ending in today's world would be that the dog, cat and pig whined and screamed loudly to the government and to the press that the hen and her chicks were a rich bread cartel and wouldn't share, and that they were poor and hungry. They hired an equal rights lawyer and aided by much adverse publicity against the hen and chicks by the press won the case. The lawyer got one-third of the bread and the dog, cat, and pig got the rest. The little red hen and her chicks went hungry and were forever despised.

Is there some parallel here with the invasion of Iraq? Somehow I see the little red-white-and-blue hen and her allied chicks, and a French pig, a Russian dog and a German cat.

I also see a sick segment of our own nation fomenting despise and hatred of the hen and chicks and it makes me terribly sad and afraid for our great nation and wondering what kind of world my grandchildren are inheriting? Will it be one with all hands in the bread basket taking out, and none putting in because those who would put in see attorneys and politicians and the press sitting like vultures waiting to bring them down.

Luther Fitch


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