In the coming weeks there will be many letters to the editor about the mayor's race. The fact of the matter is if you vote for either Phil Houk or Gary Tague you are voting for the status quo. No growth, no family-wage, 40-hour-per-week jobs, nothing new in the line of clothing shops or restaurants.

The current City Hall crowd wants to keep Pendleton like it was in the '50s - dependent on the Pendleton Round-Up to make the businessmen enough profits to last from one Round-Up to the next.

It is amazing to me that those in power on the City Council haven't gotten the drift that Pendletonians are tired of no choices in where to shop or what to eat. Bringing in another mega employer won't help the economy unless that employer is made to agree to provide family wages with benefits to the majority of their workers.

If Bi-Mart can thrive and grow with having more than 50 percent of their workers fulltime ( 32 hours or better a week), then other businesses also can. Let's elect someone who isn't a member of the "good ol' boys club." Let's elect Jo Thompson mayor and stop doing business as we did in the '40s and '50s.

Pendleton must grow and expand, and with the current thinking in City Hall that will never happen.

Let's elect a new face with a new attitude and new ideas. Elect Jo Thompson and stop business as usual.

Barbara Wright


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