Being a high school senior (in Helix) is hard enough, now at 18 I am faced with the decision of voting. Measure 30 is something I have researched as a government class project and have come to a conclusion: I wish I weren't 18 at this moment in time.

I have read the articles for and against the tax increase and I still have the same opinion - why can't the state money be managed in a better fashion? Why is Oregon spending so much money on saving the salmon, or buying the ESD and state legislatures new office furniture? Why does ODOT spend money that doesn't need to be spent? Money wasted could be seen as the new barrier between Stanfield and Hermiston. The amount of accidents on that stretch of highway does not warrant this barrier.

Being a young adult I may be misinformed and just seeing only one side. However, I believe that if my parents and I can budget our money (as the rest of the common people can) the government can do so also. Obviously this is not the case, proven by the want to increase "temporary" taxes.

To quote Rep. Tim Knopp (who opposes measure 30), "Although cuts will be real, they are not necessarily the cuts they have to make." As a student I know that this will affect me not only now, but also further down the road. I am willing to suffer those consequences by my "no" vote on Measure 30. I urge you to do the same. Let's make the state of Oregon apply the money they are already taxing and utilize it for something practical. As an alternative of voting yes, let us petition our state legislators to set the priorities where they need to be. Let the state money be budgeted in a manner that helps the right circumstances, not the wrong ones.

In my opinion the importance should go toward school systems, health programs, police programs, and an agenda that benefits all of us. Again, let the state legislatures work it out for themselves, and vote no on Measure 30.



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