My letter is in regard to a weather warning for East Umatilla County residents on Sunday. Imagine our surprise Sunday afternoon around 4:45 p.m. when, because of the dark clouds and rain, my husband turned on his police scanner and found out that we, the residents of Stanfield, were in a tornado warning area.

Now I know that as Oregon residents we don't encounter tornadoes very often, but shouldn't we have some sort of audio alert, other than radios or TVs? My husband had been working in his shop and my mother and I were in the house without the radio or TV on. After we heard the warning on my husband's scanner we kept waiting for some kind of warning siren.

Hey, here's an idea - what about a warning using those great tone-alert monitors. I grew up in the Midwest. I know how much damage a tornado can do. I also know it is imperative to have an early-warning alert system to save people's lives during this type of weather.

Why weren't we (the residents of Stanfield) warned? Is this the way they would handle an emergency out at the depot? I think someone needs to explain this lack of warning to Stanfield residents.



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