I recently read in shocked disbelief of the elderly couple who had been forced from their home. I couldn't believe it could happen in our country, but it did.

Were they wrong to allow their animals to damage their home? Yes, they were.

Was it wrong for a group of citizens to illegally board a foreign boat, seize the cargo and destroy it? Yes it was.

The first act could be called vandalism.

The second act is considered to be an act of patriotism.

I grew up in Oklahoma during the Depression when thousands of people were losing their homes and farms. I recall hearing of men who declared, "I will burn my buildings to the ground and go to jail, before I'll let the bank have them.

Is that attitude wrong? Yes, but when you are down and getting kicked around, the anger, resentment and frustration can be overwhelming, and you will do things you ordinarily would not do.

I believe our community is filled with pity and shame about what was done to this elderly couple.



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