The "Kerry, Edwards send mixed messages" letter (EO 8-5) made several bold statements that deserve attention.

It is true that senators Kerry and Edwards have missed votes. However, it is important to not miss the important work that they have accomplished while serving our country as senators. Senators Kerry and Edwards have worked to improve the safety of our streets, make healthcare more affordable, and improve the lives of average Americans.

If elected, President Kerry will submit to Congress tax cuts that will benefit 98 percent of Americans and 99 percent of American businesses. If elected, President Kerry will eliminate tax bonuses for companies that place American jobs outside of our country.

Sen. Kerry supports our military. He has voted for new equipment and pay increases for our armed forces. Sen. Kerry has strongly supported recent increases in the budgets of the CIA, FBI, NSA, and other intelligence services.

Sen. Kerry has missed Intelligence committee meetings within the past 20 months, but that's understandable because Sen. Kerry was a member on that committee from 1993-2000. That's much more than 20 months ago. The Aug. 5 letter was way off.

That many believe Sen. Kerry is better qualified for dealing with the global community because "he does speak French and Hip Hop" is ridiculous. The real reason that this faith exists is Sen. Kerry's desire to repair our alliances and isolate our enemies, not ourselves.

About ads that speak against Sen. Kerry's war record: It is important to note that although the men in the ad were in Senator Kerry's unit, they were not on either of his boats. The men who were actually on his boat, including the man who he went back to save, are thankful for his service.

Paul Nolan


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