I for one am tired of listening to all of you hypocritical so called peace activists.

If I were President Bush, I would ask all of you just one question: Why should I risk my job as leader of our great nation to start a fight with Iraq? I could bring all our troops home and secure our border with them. Clear out all immigrants unless they can show U. S. citizenship papers, stop our planes from patrolling Iraqi skies, bring them home.

Then let's see how inspectors and other countries can keep Saddam in check. Make sure all activists that are over there to be human shields stay there to protect Saddam.

I am an old guy. My fighting days are long past, but I spent some time in the infantry following General Patton all over Europe.

I saw exactly the same thing in the United States before that war. "Stay out of this war, and at any cost." The price for that inactivity was too high then. Who can say how many extra Americans were killed and wounded unnecessarily by the peace activists? Most of them stayed home and it is too high now.

The people involved in the "Peace at any Price" before World War II were proved to be the next thing to traitors, and I say the same thing about them now.

If you activists don't like that statement, tough. The truth hurts. But if one of you were with the 1st Marine Division that went into Iwo Jima, write me and I will give you my personal apology.



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