Community once again responds to one of their own

Once again, a tragedy has stricken the life of a family in our area. And once again, our community has responded with an outpouring of support.

Brian Schaffeld, who has been undergoing treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma, told his grandmother, Carol Collins, he wanted to make a difference at Hermiston High School during his senior year.

When he was first diagnosed with the illness, he was discouraged, thinking it would prevent him from having his desired impact on his fellow students.

When C.J. McPhail, of Sparrow Clubs USA, asked students at a school assembly Jan. 17 to stand if they were willing to invest their time, service and spirit in another person, every single student stood.

"I just bawled and bawled," Collins said. "It's such a lesson in gratitude and humility."

The support continued.

On Jan. 20, a benefit was held for Schaffeld and more than $15,000 was accumulated for he and his family during the event.

As painful and difficult as his illness must be, Schaffeld certainly is making a difference, not only in his school, but in his community as well.

Ramen King is dead, but left a legacy of noodles

It's likely few noted the recent passing of Momofuku Ando in Osaka, Japan, but he played a significant role in today's culture.

Mr. Ando, as the Oregon Wheat Growers League noted in its recent newsletter, invented instant ramen noodles, which are a huge consumer of the Northwest's soft white winter wheat.

While the ramen noodles Americans consume by the case are similar to those manufactured and sold overseas, it's safe to say today's 30-somethings and younger never would have split open a package of ramen noodles if it hadn't been for Momofuku Ando, who was known as the Ramen King.

The king is dead. Long live the king.

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