The notices of the next meetings of West Extension Irrigation District seem rather confusing. There are two meetings scheduled for this week. However, each notice is in a different newspaper. I do not know why this was done. It seems to me that the only reason to schedule both meetings in the same week and advertise them in separate papers is to discourage patrons from attending these meetings. Let's surprise them and get a good turnout anyway.

The meeting concerning the Boardman Master Plan will be held at the Port of Morrow, Wednesday, March 12,, at 7 p.m. Everyone in the district should plan to attend this meeting. Since the entire district will be paying for this project we need to know if it is really necessary and how much it will cost. It is my understanding that this project is going to be very expensive. The engineers at the February meeting stated that much of the land pressurization would not be an improvement.

The second meeting will be at Stokes Landing Community Center in Irrigon at 7 p.m. Thursday, March 13. At this meeting the board will discuss the water rate schedule for 2003. Of course, again everyone should attend because as you know the proposed rate is ridiculous.

Something else to wonder about: Why is the board paying to have these meetings at the Port and Stokes Landing? The schools are free. I thought the board was going to find ways to cut expenses. Maybe it is because these facilities will not accommodate as many people as the school cafeteria. It seem that every time we complain about rates they find another way to spend unnecessary money.



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