Sikander Jaad's article missed the complete point my wife tried to make for the readers concerning homosexuality and Christianity. Diana's point was God hates sin not the sinner. Humans cannot easily separate the two. We simply do not think homosexuals should have rights that even heterosexuals do not have.

She is saying that we "Christians" should not force our "morality" on homosexuals, but they should be able to force acceptance of their lifestyle on us. Not only should we accept them, but we should teach our children to - even though we believe it is wrong. Who is forcing values on who? Jaad appears to have a reverse discrimination point of view. She has misinterpreted Diana's point of view and read into the letter other issues that a "religious" person supposedly must have.

American laws are going overboard. The first l00 years all drugs were legal, because it was one's constitutional right if they chose to become high. However, if you broke the law you went to jail. They also did not care if you starved to death. Back then you worked for what you got, there was no free ride.

Prohibition was the first time the law was able to sidestep the constitution. No law can dictate morality. Laws are only for the religious and moral people who try to follow the laws. As for "Wisdom of separation of church and state," show me where the Constitution or our forefathers believed that statement. Correct me if I am wrong, they did believe in, as you stated, not forcing a religion down one's throat. One ought to look at history as to how much religion was in the government, such as prayers before going into sessions.

Our forefathers did that every day before they started the days work of making the constitution. Also, the use of "In God we trust" on money, and look at all the symbols on the dollar that are religious based. You are correct that people cannot "adhere to every law regarding sin in the Bible." That is why the Bible says everyone is a sinner. The only person on earth who did not sin is Jesus, because He was from God, and He died for us. Believe in the Bible and Jesus and ask for forgiveness of your sins, and God will forgive you.

Please study the religious books. The Bible and the Koran have a lot of the same stories and verses, many which are word for word. They do have huge differences also. If you study the Blackfoot Indian history, they also have many stories that were comparable and followed the "laws" like the "religious." As one studies, one will realize the Bible has not been proven wrong. On the contrary, much has been proven true. Do not forget everyone is a sinner. That is why the saying goes, "nobody's perfect."

Studying the stories about Sodom and Gommorah, you will find out that both you and my wife are correct. Homosexuality and violence toward the stranger occurred. They were a people that practiced homosexuality and that obviously enjoyed raping male strangers. Some could say it was a homosexual orgy for the unfortunate stranger. In the account, one person gave his daughter to the crowd even though they wanted the male visitor. The crowd raped and then killed her. Yes, violence was involved.

Both of you agree to another point. Neither the homosexual nor I should live in "fear of attack." American laws are on the books to protect everyone. Nobody needs special laws. What America needs is to enforce the existing laws. For example, Columbine School. The criminals broke more than 12 laws when they shot up the school. Would they have cared if they broke a few more laws? If America did not bend over backwards for the criminal, had swift and harsh sentences and dealt with the people who cannot operate in society, we would have much less harassment.

I agree that it is sad that injustice occurs. If laws are broken, then it should be enforced.

Respect the employers rights if they "lose your applications" or the Boy Scouts with their rules. However, employers should have the right to hire who they wish - another American freedom. They should be able to portray whatever professional appearance they want, as long as they do not receive government money.

In closing, my wife stated one simple statement - that everyone is a sinner, and a sin is a sin.

She never talked about the government and all the other issues you tried to make readers think. She definitely was not suggesting that any government attempt to impose a particular faith on anyone. That is the beauty of God's gift of salvation. It is a gift that must be accepted. It is not something that can be forced. I cannot make it any clearer than that.


Walter Hammermeister lives in Irrigon.

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