When my husband and I were planning our wedding, we went to buy a manufactured home on some acreage just outside of town. The company we dealt with seemed very professional and also did a large amount of business with Hispanics. We chose a nice home in a good location and planned to move in when we returned from our honeymoon.

Our home was not ready on schedule, but we were told not to worry. Months passed without any progress. We talked and talked, but got nowhere. Our deposit was large and all the papers had been signed, so we were stuck.

A family friend told us to talk to Dr. Steven Zielinski. He offered to speak to the manufactured-home company.

The manager was hostile and refused to speak to Dr. Zielinski. The manager even called the police and threatened legal action.

We thought we would have to hire an attorney, something we really couldn't afford. I think some businessmen count on the high cost of legal services and the language barriers that exist when they decide to rip off the Hispanic community.

But Dr. Zielinski wouldn't give up. He made additional efforts to work with the company, but they became even more hostile. They threatened him. They went to his boss and tried to get him fired. They tried to go after his license. He offered to quit his job rather than give up on us.

He finally figured how the company was breaking the law and had deceived us. He called their finance company. Suddenly everything changed. While we never got the house (by this time, we didn't want it), we did not lose any money, our credit was intact and we had learned some valuable lessons.

We survived because of Dr. Zielinski's knowledge of law and his willingness to stand by us. He never took a penny for his efforts.

Dr. Zielinski will make a fine municipal judge. He knows law, he knows people and he knows how to be fair and just. He has the courage to stand up to the legal community. Please support Dr. Steven Zielinski for Hermiston municipal judge.



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