With everything happening in our world today, what real choices do we really face? We really only have two choices: We can stay with the status quo or we can take a chance and try something new and at least have a shot at improvement, growth and change.

We are facing overloaded court systems, overburdened and declining jury pools, crowded and increasingly expensive prisons and a trend toward more centralized government services away from the real center of Umatllla County.

The real growth, economic and otherwise, is here in the west end. We need people in our service who reflect an appreciation and understanding of this fact and who will work to keep our focus local with easier access to our government and elected savants.

Having lived and taught in Hermiston for 37 years, I believe that we face more important issues that require real change than ever before. One skill I always tried to teach my students was the ability to recognize the correct time to look for new and innovative solutions to old problems.

We need some fresh air and a fresh viewpoint in the system, we need people with vision and local roots. I believe that Dr. Steve Zielinski is a move in that direction.

I've known Dr. Zielinski for many years and have always known him to bring unique and well thought out suggestions to any problem encountered.

He is a man with wide experience. As a practicing medical doctor he has followed where the challenge has led. Medical degree, law degree, teaching, travel to foreign countries to set up medical systems, business, real estate and many other fields are more than accomplishments but rather reflect a real commitment to serve and find new answers to old problems.

He has experience in the larger world and still retains the desire to serve his local roots. Elect Dr. Steve Zielinski for municipal court judge.



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