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The East Oregonian publishes paid obituaries. The minimum charge is $125, which includes up to 400 words (not including the header information), a standard head-and-shoulders photo, and for veterans an American flag or service icon for no extra charge. Also included in the cost is 10 copies of the newspaper containing the obituary, which will be mailed to the provided address.

Additional words above 400 are 30 cents per word. A second or non-traditional photo can be included for an extra $25 charge.

If you would like the obituary to also be published in the Hermiston Herald, the cost is an additional $25. People submitting an obituary for both papers will receive 5 copies of each of the newspapers containing the obituary.

Obituaries may be edited for spelling, grammar, punctuation and AP style, but generally are published as they are submitted. Click on this link to see the general structure of an obituary in print; we are not able to provide proofs.

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