St. Anthony Hospital


Nov. 11, 2008

ROBERTSON ? Heather Dawn Setzer and Randy James Robertson; a girl, Marlee Jewel Robertson.

Nov. 13, 2008

BOHMS ? Jessica Ann Newman and Allen Rex Bohms; a girl, Adison Marie Bohms.

GALES ? Megan Ann Wart and Rodney Anthony Gales; a girl, Averieana Elizabeth Gales.

Nov. 15, 2008

DUARTE ? Laura Duarte Andrade and Joaquin Cardenas Herrera; a boy, David Cardenas Duarte.

HULCE ? Aimee Hulce and Jeremy Hulce; a girl, Jadyn Lynn Hulce.

KENNICOTT ? Leslie Yvonne Kennicott and Robert Lane Kennicott; a boy, Halen Logan Kennicott.

Good Shepherd

Medical Center


Nov. 10, 2008

PELLS ? Melissa Pells and Matt Pells; a boy, Maurice William Pells.

Nov. 14, 2008

VERWEY ? Tasha R. Fairchild and Thomas E. Verwey; a boy, Tristan Dean Verwey.

Nov. 17, 2008

BECERRA-SOUZA ? Mary Guadalupe Emery and Austen David Souza; a boy, Manuel Antonio Becerra-Souza.

Nov. 18, 2008

COLIN ? Isabella Prach Ramirez and Juan Colin; a boy, Juan Rong Colin.

SANCHEZ ? Thalia Michelle Russell and Pedro Ivan Sanchez; a girl, Chanel Guadalupe Sanchez.

Nov. 19, 2008

FUENTES GOMEZ ? Olga Alondra Gomez Lozano and Bernabe Fuentes Lopez; a girl, Ines Guadalupe Fuentes Gomez.

MADORE ? Kathleen Mary Madore and Danny Joseph Madore; a boy, Micah Joseph Zimmy Madore.

CEDENO ? Shannon Chavez and Angel Cedeno; a boy, Angel Cedeno Jr.

Kadlec Medical Center

Richland, Wash.

Nov. 11, 2008

HAYNIE ? Pendleton residents Jake Haynie and Mystie Haynie; a girl, Elizabeth Claire Haynie.


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