St. Anthony Hospital, Pendleton

JAN. 2, 2019

ROSARIO COLLIER — Kendall B. Rosario and William J. Collier Jr. of Pendleton: a girl, Charlie Lucille Rosario Collier.

JAN. 3, 2019

TEIXEIRA — Megan M. Stevens and Nick A. Teixeira of Pendleton: a girl, Paizlea Marie Teixeira.

JAN. 4, 2019

AUSTIN — Sarah K. Austin and Andy P. Austin of Pendleton: a girl, Eula Rene Austin.

JAN. 8, 2019

KLINE — Amy Lkine and John Kline: a boy, Trent Michael Kline.

OLGUIN — Rikki J. Hayward and Jonathan Olguin of Pendleton: a boy, Kaleb Jay Olguin.

Good Shepherd Medical Center, Hermiston

JAN. 1, 2019

BARNES — Audrey H. Guenther and Bobby R. Barnes of Boardman: a girl, Preslee Hope Barnes.

JAN. 4, 2019

ESTES — Kimberly Manson and Dustin Estes of Stanfield: a girl, Hanna Estes.

PEDRO — Marla Pedro and Ryan Pedro of Umatilla: a boy, Paxton Joe Pedro.

JAN. 5, 2019

TERRY — Stephanie E. Cronen and Colter J. Terry of Hermiston: a boy, Cronen Titus Terry.

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