St. Anthony Hospital, Pendleton

JUNE 19, 2021

RAMOS — Darlin Claustro and Rene Ramos of Umatilla: a girl, Ariah Marie Ramos.

JUNE 21, 2021

STEWART — Kendall L. Walker and Erik T. Stewart of Pendleton: a boy, Wyatt Michael Stewart.

JUNE 23, 2021

BALDWIN — Hattie M. Thompson and Gavin T. Baldwin of Pendleton: a girl, Oakley Ray Baldwin.

JUNE 24, 2021

NORQUIST — Rickelle J. and Colby L. Norquist of Pendleton: a boy, Owwen Lawrence Norquist.

JUNE 27, 2021

BRIZENDINE — Katherine and Nicholas L. Brizendine of Pendleton: a boy, Ellis Dane Brizendine.

Good Shepherd Medical Center, Hermiston

JUNE 22, 2021

AVALOS CARRANZA — Jennyfer Carranza Coria and Sergio Avalos of Hermiston: a boy, Axel Jr. Avalos Carranza.

ESCALANTE JONES — Elizabeth Escalante and Tyler Jones of Hermiston: a girl, Abria Michelle Escalante Jones.

JUNE 24, 2021

BURNETT — Ashlynn N. and Zachary T. Burnett of Umatilla: a boy, Tyson Frederick Burnett.

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