100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Aug. 13, 1909

William B. Mason, wanted in Walla Walla on the charge of working one of the most successful bunco games ever pulled off in this section of the country, is now occupying a berth in the count jail, having been picked up at the local depot at an early hour this morning by Sheriff Taylor, just as the man was about to board the train for the east. H.B. Howard, alleged to be his partner in crime, succeeded in eluding the officers and is now probably far on his way east. Mason, it is alleged, called at the home of N.A. Strange, a retired farmer, representing himself as a friend of the farmer?s daughter who is in business in Spokane. During the course of the visit he displayed stock of the Ben Franklin Mining Company and insinuated he was an agent. Howard next made his appearance at the Strange home, seeking stock in the mining company. Strange contacted Mason to buy a large number of the shares and then presented them to Howard for sale. Howard did not buy them, however, and left the country, together with his partner.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Aug. 13, 1959

Some 2,000 acres of rangeland burned Tuesday afternoon south of Pilot Rock on four ranches. The fire started during harvest operations in a stubble field owned by Adolph and Frank E. Wickert, crept up a hill, over the top and down in McKay ranches of Charles (Boots) Matthews, Miller Bros., and Elmer Wyatt. The blaze attracted help from many directions, according to Roy Warner, field service manager for Pendleton Grain Growers. He said the PGG fire truck was there all afternoon. Pilot Rock mill workers, neighbors and men operating bulldozers fought the blaze which was fanned by a brisk westerly wind. The fire was out last night.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

Aug. 13, 1984

Brett Kamm of Pendleton and Shellee Heil of Castleford, Idaho, took home new saddles as the high point boy and girl last weekend at the Umatilla County Fair junior rodeo. Kamm and Matt Nelson tied for the junior boys all-around title with 45 points apiece while Alan Stuzman of Twin Falls, Idaho won the senior boys all-around with 42 points. Kamm won the new saddle presented in the boys division because he won more prize money than Nelson. In the senior girls division, Heil won the all-around crown, and the new saddle, with 48 points. Three girls, Penny Conforth of Hermiston, Cindy Taylor and Lynn Goodrich, each scored 33 points to share the junior girls all-around title. Tiny Bertsch of Stanfield won the senior boys calf roping with a time of 12.02. Kamm won the junior boys calf or goat tying in 13.88. Penny Conforth won the junior girls breakaway roping in 5.2 seconds and Blue Mountain Community College?s Kyna Parker won the senior girls goat tying in 7.91 seconds.

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