100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

June 21, 1909

The Athena Land and Trust company is beginning work this morning on an artesian well. The well is located just south of the city and between the city and the park. Four or five experts have looked over the proposition and pronounce the conditions very favorable for artesian water. A contract has been closed with Miller & West of La Grande to do the work and it will be pushed to completion. It is the opinion of the well men that they will have water within 700 or 800 feet, though the contract calls for 1000 feet if necessary. The city began a well here several years ago, which was put down to a depth of some 200 feet. The pressure in this well is sufficient to force the water within seven feet of the surface. And it is reported by those who had the well in charge that there was a raise of one foot of water for each five feet of added depth while the well was being dug. The people of the city are taking a great deal in interest in the experiment and it is freely predicted by the citizens that if this is a success the city will drill a well also. At present the gravity water system which the city has is inadequate and the water supply is being supplemented from a well.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

June 21, 1959

Jim Sturgis, Umatilla coordinator of Indian exhibits at the Oregon Centennial Exposition grounds, has a teepee for an office. The teepee, unlike those of 100 years ago, is equipped with a telephone and a portable television set. Sturgis said the television set is usually in the Indian Long House. The Indians gather there to watch western programs.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

June 21, 1984

Union workers have ended heir year-long strike of the Louisiana-Pacific mill in Pilot Rock, although details of an apparent agreement between L-P and the workers were unavailable this morning. Almost 120 members of Local 2970 of the Lumber, Production and Industrial Worker (LPIW) went on strike last June, claiming L-P wanted to lower wages and fringe benefits. Denise McLaren, treasurer of Local 2970, said this morning that ?we agreed to an unconditional return? following a Wednesday meeting between union leaders and L-P officials. But McLaren added hat ?all it (the agreement) entails is not known yet.? But the manager of the Pilot Rock mill, Jerry McKague, would not confirm that an agreement between the company and strikers had been reached. He reported that about 60 strikers had signed up on a preferential hiring list and that all picket signs had been removed.


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