100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

June 20, 1909

James McCall, alias Harry McConnell, and James Braden are now lodged in the Umatilla county jail charged with dynamiting the safe in the Lyle hardware store at Echo on Thursday night. While the two men are held largely on suspicion, the officers are confident they are the men wanted. The two fellows were found hiding in the sagebrush west of Echo yesterday by Sheriff Taylor and Deputy Sheriff Wilson, who went down to Echo yesterday morning after they were notified of the safe cracking. McCall gave his name as McConnell, but he was immediately recognized by both officers, who are entirely familiar with his past record. McCall was released from the Idaho penitentiary last fall, where he had completed a five-year term for burglary. He was also one of the fellows suspected of having burglarized the Lyle store about four months ago, and was searched for by the officers for several weeks following the perpetration of that crime. His companion is a new man to the local officers.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

June 20, 1959

Two families were burned out of their homes in McNary Townsite at 1:15 Friday morning. The duplex was located on Walla Walla St. The Umatilla Fire Department was called. At 1:30 Fire Chief Hugh Little called the Hermiston Fire Department for assistance. A Hermiston fireman fell off the truck just as it was going through a gate. He was scraped and bruised but did not receive hospital treatment. The duplex was occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bonifer and family and Kay Bonifer, a brother. The families lost all their personal effects and furniture. Larry was trapped by flames when he returned to get personal effects. He had to jump out a window and was believed to have suffered a broken arm and nose. The cause was undetermined.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

June 20, 1984

Should Oregonians be allowed to grow marijuana for their personal use? That?s? the question supporters of the Oregon Marijuana Initiative (OMI) want on the November ballot. And they are hitting the streets in many cities around the state to collect enough signatures ? 62,500 ? by the July 6 deadline to do just that. Sandee Burbank, a 40-year-old mother of three from Mosier, was one of several folks walking Pendleton?s Main street Tuesday in search of signers for the OMI petition. Burbank said only about 10,000 more signatures are needed and OMI supporters expect to collect many more than that by the deadline. The group collected 76 signatures in Hermiston in about 1 1&Mac218;2 hours, she said. The group met some resistance in Pendleton, however, including a local pastor who argued that it?s foolish to depict marijuana as a harmless drug. Rick Hammersla said he has seen many examples of people whose road to life-controlling drug addiction started with marijuana.


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