100 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

June 13, 1909

A sheepherder with a sick shepherd dog attracted considerable attention on Main street last evening. Presently, to the great surprise of the onlookers, the canine began coughing up money. Several pennies appeared, then a few nickels and a couple of half dollars. The owner of the dog appeared to be as much surprised as anyone. He said he could account for the pennies, as the dog had been diving for them in the river at the Main street bridge, but he was at a loss to account for the presence in the animal?s stomach of the nickels and half dollars. While those who witnessed the performance were wondering whether the dog was a mint or a candidate for the presidency of the Standard Oil company, it became noised about that the animal had been trained to perform the stunts, and that different persons had been feeding him the coins at different intervals for the past few days.

50 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

June 13, 1959

H. Ono, chief technician for the Japan Biscuit and Cracker Assn. ... , and R. Sugano, special assistant to the Oregon Wheat Growers League, Tokyo, are in the Pendleton area for a one-month intensified training program for Ono. The training session has been designed to familiarize the Japanese technician with the latest methods and techniques used by U.S. cookie and cracker bakers. Sugano serves as interpreter for Ono and the experience he has gained also serves to strengthen the growers wheat promotion program in Japan.

25 Years Ago

From the East Oregonian

June 13, 1984

Maureen Healy has been named the outstanding female athlete of the year at Eastern Oregon State College in La Grande. Heppner native Healy, who competed for Blue Mountain Community College?s rodeo team three years before transferring to EOSC, has won the regional all-around title the last five years. She finished second in the national all-around competition last year and will be shooting for the top spot later this month at the college national finals rodeo in Bozeman.


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